Friday, August 10, 2012

Hot or Not?

Today for Hot or Not? I am going to be review Baby Lips by Maybelline. 

What they claim:
8 hour hydration
Renewed lips in just 4 weeks
You will have baby soft lips
Protects your lips
SPF 20

Hydrates your lips all day
Lips feel and look amazing
6 different shades
Smell good
Protects your lips from getting sunburn
Lips are renewed in no time
Looks good on every skin color
You will get complements on your lips when you wear it
Leaves your lips feeling soft after you take it off
Very light weight on your lips you forget you even have it on
Go on very smooth
Good flavors
Doesn't interfere with other lipsticks or glosses you are wearing
Perfect to keep in your purse and car

Can't think of anything:)

I would rate this product a 5 out of 5 stars and I will definitely be repurchasing every flavor they have and I carry them around with me everywhere!  I have at least 3 of every flavor they have and my lips are just amazing after I put them on and they last all day so there is no need to reapply at all throughout the day and girls, your boyfriends/husbands will love the way it feels on your lips as well ;) I recommend you all go out to the store and get the Baby Lips right away! They sell them and any drug store and probably a lot of other places as well. This product was a total HOT!!



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  3. Really? wow, i need these then!

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  4. I LOVE baby lips! this stuff is perfect for the girl that hates lip sticks such as myself because they feather off. baby lips gives the perfect shade your lips and it's never too much. cute blog girl :)

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    I've not tried these but keep hearing fab things about them so must see if I can get my hands on any to try for myself :)

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