Thursday, August 9, 2012

Back To School- Outfit

Back to school is just around the corner if you haven't already started and I know how complicated it can be to choose the perfect outfit for your first day back.  You want to have the perfect outfit but no look to over done.  So here is one perfect outfit that will help you rock your first day back.

It's still going to be hot out so stay cool by rocking some light weight khaki shorts and a nice white flowy t-shirt.  In case one of your classes is blasting the AC you can bring a darker beige long sleeve button down blazer or jacket to throw on. For accessories, add a big yellow statement necklace for some color, a nude ring, a big headband, and for shoes, any kind of brown shoes will do.

I hope this helped you get an idea of your first day back to school outfit or even an outfit just in general to wear.

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